Baank Shipping is a Paramaribo based transportation company specializing in the transport of commercial cargo and personal effects.  We help clients across world by taking ultimate care of their goods.

Transportation Services for Small, Medium-sized and Large Businesses

Every year, we work with many clients who ask us to handle their shipments – both containerized and out-of-gauge along with different weight requirements for their cargo, either from Suriname to other parts of the world or from points around the World into Suriname. We can handle just the ocean transportation for you OR we can handle everything door-to-door, including inland transportation, ocean freight, customs clearance and export or import services.

Transportation Services for Individuals and Families

Are you looking to ship personal effects from Suriname to a far-flung location? Perhaps, you are returning to Suriname and need to ship your personal items home again.  Baank Shipping specializes in shipping personal effects for both individuals and families – we explain how the process works and we walk you through all the documentation.